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30 Captivating Kitchen Color Scheme Ideas

Looking for a kitchen color scheme that is both captivating and reflects your personal taste?

Every homeowner wants to express their personality with the perfect color scheme while making sure they choose colors that won't quickly go out of style. You've seen the latest trends, but what styles will last?

Kitchen colors can be bold, understated, bright or a combination of each. Colors that you find in nature tend to stand the test of time, but that doesn't mean they can't be eye-catching. Our kitchen color schemes guide provides over 30 of the most attractive and timeless color palettes for every type of kitchen design.

Check out our guide below and see what color scheme fits the needs of your kitchen. From striking and sophisticated to warm and neutral, you are bound to find color inspiration for your culinary space. Once you've found a kitchen color scheme that fits your unique taste, be sure to pair it with kitchen cabinets that match the design of your space.

Kitchen Color Schemes

Scroll through our kitchen color schemes below. What color combinations best fit your style?

Yellow and Gray

Yellow and gray kitchen

The pairing of yellow and gray provides a refreshing charm to your kitchen. Gray delivers a subtle elegance while yellow can add a pop of positivity. The sahara sand yellow and masala gray in this kitchen create a perfect balance of understated and bold. When deciding how to implement these colors, consider applying yellow to your walls and using gray on your backsplash, countertops and appliances.

Blue and Brown

Blue and brown kitchen

Source: Regan Baker Design

Blue and brown is a classic color scheme; think of the earth and sky. It's also an incredibly versatile combination. By adjusting the vibrancy of either color you can make your kitchen bright and energetic or calm and soothing. The bismark blue and leather brown in this kitchen creates a refined and natural aesthetic. This color scheme typically pairs well with exposed materials like wood, concrete and metals.

Black and White

Black and white kitchen

Source: Laurel Bern Interiors

It doesn't get much more classic than black and white. If you don't want to worry about ever going out of style, then this is the choice for you. Black is the absence of all color and is sophisticated and powerful. In contrast, white is the presence of all colors and promotes openness, cleanliness, and creative thought. The combination makes for a sophisticated and creative space as evidenced in this kitchen by Laurel Bern Interiors.

Red, Black and White

Red, black and white kitchen

Introducing red to a black and white pairing provides a whole new aesthetic. Red falls somewhere in between the richness of black and the clarity of white, making it a perfect color to combine with the polar opposites of black and white. This kitchen creates a vivid and energetic color palette with its scarlet red and dune black that's sure to inspire some excellent homemade cuisine.

Purple and Beige

Purple and beige kitchen

Purple does well as a rich or pale color when paired with beige, depending on the mood you want to create. Purple is associated with ambition, peace, and elegance, among others. In this kitchen, the kimberly purple on the kitchen island coupled with the lighter manatee purple on the barstools helps create a kitchen space that evokes a graceful and refined aesthetic.

All White

All white kitchen

Source: JWS Interiors

All white kitchens give a sense of openness and cleanliness. They are refreshing and crisp, which is perfect for kitchen spaces. If you have a smaller kitchen and are looking to give it a more open feel, this color scheme is for you. To add a little intricacy, take note from this all white kitchen and get creative with accents like the red oven knobs, gold cabinet handles and modern pendant lighting.

Blue and Orange

Blue and orange kitchen

Blue and orange is a color scheme that you see everywhere. Think fire and ice, day and night, or sun and sky. Blue and orange is a quintessential complementary color pairing; it's eye-catching, works well with other colors and can be executed with a number of different shades of each color. The venice blue and carrot orange in this kitchen makes for a vibrant and energetic color scheme.

Gray and White

Gray and white kitchen

Source: Jones Design Company

If you have a small kitchen space, but want to add a little more depth compared to the all white kitchen scheme, gray and white is a great pairing. Gray grounds a lot of other elements in your kitchen like your kitchen appliance colors and any natural materials you might have such as stone countertops and exposed wood. We love the dark ebony clay paired with the lighter oslo gray in this kitchen by Jones Design Company.

Red and Yellow

Red and yellow kitchen

Red and yellow are both primary colors that really pop when coupled. This is another color combination that is found throughout nature: think of fire, sunsets, sunrises and fall leaves. Red and yellow makes for a very energetic duo, as is the case with the goldenrod yellow and cherrywood red in this lively kitchen.

Brown and Green

Brown and green kitchen

Brown and green will always work well together, no matter what shade of each you decide to go with. If you get an abundance of natural light in your kitchen, consider using rich shades like the olive green and pueblo wood brown in this kitchen. These richer colors also work well when you have a larger, open kitchen but you'll want to look at paler shades if you have a kitchen on the more compact side.

Pink and White

Pink and white kitchen

Pink is the color of caring, compassion and love. The combination of pink and white creates a light and fun space that evokes happiness and relaxation. If you want to try this color scheme but are unsure about using too much pink, use this kitchen as an example and add it in doses with pink utensils, cups, towels and other small decorations. We love the combination of the light pinks with the copperfield wood in this kitchen.

Black and Gold

Black and gold kitchen

Source: Camille Styles

Blending a color with a shade can be tough but incredibly rewarding when done right. Black and gold is a perfect example of this. This color scheme will make your kitchen looks instantly elegant and luxurious. This kitchen executes this color scheme perfectly with the use of the driftwood gold as a complementary accent to the shark black.

Brown and White

Brown and white kitchen

Source: Fireclay Tile / Photography by: Bethany Nauert / Design by: A Vintage Splendor

A light wood brown and white makes for a great earthy and bright kitchen. Pair it with sleek design aspects and you have an elegant blend of modern and natural aesthetic to create a contemporary and calming kitchen. The porcelain white backsplash paired with the fawn brown cabinets combines flawlessly in this kitchen. We also love the colorful runner to add a little vibrancy.

Green, Silver and Beige

Green, silver and beige kitchen

If you have stainless steel appliances, then pairing those with a shade of green, like the kangaroo green above, could be a good option for you. Light green and stainless steel appliances are an elegant and sophisticated combination that keeps your kitchen bright and active. This color scheme goes great with modern and traditional designs alike.

Blue, Gold and White

Blue, gold and white kitchen

Source: Becki Owens

This combination works well by painting your bottom cabinets blue and your top cabinets white. Then add gold accents like these tumbleweed gold handles and faucets. The bermuda blue really makes this color scheme sophisticated but fun and definitely an attention-grabber.

Green and White

Green and white kitchen

Source: Hither and Thither

Green and white is a great color scheme if you're looking for a natural and bright look. Green evokes healthiness and liveliness while white gives a bright and cleanly look to your kitchen. If you have a small kitchen and want a calm, natural and bright look try adding a dark green as an accent to your island like this kitchen did with the rich glade green shade.

All Gray

All gray

Gray is a grounding color and if that really speaks to you, you are not alone. Gray is also a cool, neutral and balanced color so when implementing it into your kitchen it will evoke creativity. Since gray is a color of compromise, if your kitchen sits between other, more color-dominant areas of your house, this may be a good choice for you as it will seamlessly tie those other areas together.

Blue and Green

Blue and green kitchen

Source: Ann Lowengart

Blue and green is another very earthy color scheme. This combination will promote relaxation and creativity with an understated elegance that goes well with any kitchen design. We love how the combination of the light lemongrass shade and the dark charade blue creates a cozy and sophisticated look in this kitchen.

Blue and Red

Blue and red kitchen

Source: Fashionista Barbie

This light conch blue island with gold accents and darker breaker bay blue hutch are the perfect match for the delightful copper rust clay tile flooring. This London kitchen blends earthy and contemporary tones to create a charming eclectic style. The gold handles and lighting create just the right amount of detail to catch your eye without being overwhelming.

Blue and Yellow

Blue and yellow kitchen

Source: Whitten Architects / Photography by: Rob Karosis

Both blue and yellow can be strong or subdued so this combination has many options in terms of mood. Go for a pale blue like the heather blue in this kitchen and a bright yellow to give a light and energetic look, or try a richer blue and yellow for a more down-to-earth, country-living look. The wood paneling and integrated sink and countertop are two design highlights from this kitchen.

Orange and White

Orange and white kitchen

Orange is undoubtedly a bold color that elicits joy and warmth. Pairing it with white creates a kitchen that looks both warm and refreshing, making for a very unique look. The tango orange in this kitchen exudes positivity, so if you spend lots of time in the kitchen and want a bold and upbeat look, this is the right color scheme for you.

Purple and White

Purple and white kitchen

Source: John Lum Architecture / Photography by: Sharon Risedorph

Purple and white is an elegant and luxurious pairing that can also be mysterious and magical. If you are the type that likes to be a little mysterious try the deep eggplant purple from this kitchen. If you are looking for a lighter look, try a soft lavender shade on your kitchen walls and paint your kitchen cabinets white.

Pink, Blue and Green

Pink, blue and green kitchen

Source: deVOL Kitchens

Pink, blue and green is another bold combination. We love the rich stromboli green tile and juniper blue hutch against the blush pink wall. These colors make for a graceful combination that is awe-inspiring. This kitchen also has some other great design elements like the ornate chandelier and rustic wood-burning stove fireplace.

Green, Beige and Brown

Green, beige and brown kitchen

If you love the traditional country living look, then this color scheme is going to be right up your alley. With its avocado green, calico beige and rich wood tones it doesn't get much more homey and charming than this kitchen. We love the distressed paint on the kitchen island for an added rustic effect.

Yellow, Blue and Pink

Yellow, blue and pink kitchen

It doesn't get more light and fun than this kitchen. The bright ice blue pairs excellently with the cosmos pink and cape honey yellow. We love the different colors on the neighboring cabinetry and the bold angled stripe down the wall.

Orange and Black

Orange and black kitchen

Orange and black is another bold and rich color pairing. This mango orange paired with the woodsmoke black on the dining table and floors creates an exciting yet warm kitchen. Orange represents enthusiasm and activity, hence the reason it's used for so many sports teams. Couple it with black and you have a nice balance of activity and sophistication to create a kitchen that is sure to elicit strong positive emotions.

White, Brown, and Black

White, brown and black kitchen

Source: Tuft and Trim

This farmhouse-style kitchen has a beautiful white shiplap island that creates a bold contrast with the dark wood floors and barstools. We also love the matte black pendants above the island. Overall, the dark accents paired with the all-white scheme create a rustic overtone that goes great in any modern farmhouse design.

Dark Gray, Brown, and White

Dark gray, brown and white kitchen

Source: Bigger Than the Three of Us

The leather brown floors paired with the oslo gray cabinets work great in this kitchen because of its abundant natural lighting. The oslo gray cabinets provide the perfect contrast between the light wood floors, white backsplash, and white ceiling. We also love the choice of stainless steel appliances that help reflect light and balance against the kitchen's darker undertones.

Red, Green and Yellow

Red, yellow and green kitchen

Source: Sonya Hamilton Designs

This traditional style kitchen is just the right amount of colorful and fun. The gondola black bar stools create a great contrast for the green island to really pop. We also love the rich monarch red cabinets and the brick flooring. The combination of vibrant colors and traditional materials establish a charming and eclectic aesthetic.

All Black

All black kitchen

If you want modern, bold and sophisticated than an all black kitchen color scheme is what you need. The stainless steel overhead range hood, oven, barstools and microwave pair remarkably well with the rich woodsmoke black of the cabinetry and island in this contemporary and refined kitchen.

When choosing your kitchen color scheme think how colors affect space. If you have a smaller kitchen, paint your cabinets a neutral tone that reflects light like white, beige or gray to give a more open look. Not sure about going bold? Introduce vibrant colors in easily replaceable ways like colorful bar stools, small kitchen appliances and curtains over your kitchen windows.

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