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Add To Your Kitchen By Removing The Doors


Wall Cabinet ShelvingAn up and coming trend in kitchen design is the usage of shelving instead of cabinets; it creates an open, clean feel to the kitchen. It may not be practicle for you to dispose of your cabinets and install shelving, but there are ways you can incorporate this technique into your existing kitchen without spending a penny.

Open shelving throughout the kitchen emits a modern, contemporary vibe; it creates a very linear and sharp feel to the room. If you have an ever growing supply of mismatched coffee mugs and children who can’t remember where dinner ware belongs, displaying this to your guests may not be high on your list of priorities; however, you can still infuse that modern style into your kitchen without baring all. Instead of replacing your existing cabinetry with open shelving, simply remove the doors from certain cabinets throughout your kitchen. This will give you room to display certain pieces and create an airy feel to the room without removing storage space.

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Hello my friend!
Thanks for sharing your knowledge and your time
I really appreciate it.

May be i need to think about this alternative for my kitchen.

Best regards


Really like the look of the door less cabinets


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