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Kitchen & Bathroom Remodeling Blog

  1. The Ultimate Guide to Making Your Small Bathroom Look Larger

    This Ultimate Guide to Making Your Small Bathroom Look Larger will walk you through everything you need to know to turn that small bathroom into a much larger space.

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  2. Simple Updates for Summer-Ready Kitchens

    With winter weather finally out of the picture and the sights and smells of summer filtering in through open windows, it’s time to shake off the cobwebs and get your kitchen summer-ready!

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  3. The Most Popular Styles for a Kitchen Remodel

    While each home may have its own vision for the perfect kitchen, there are a few general styles that have stood the test of time over the decades. Learn about the most popular kitchen styles that you can consider when it’s time to take the plunge into kitchen remodeling.

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  4. Trendy Options for Modern Kitchen Sinks

    The sink is one of the most important features of the kitchen, but it can also be a bold statement of luxury and style. Check out this post to learn about the most popular kitchen sink material trends we’re seeing in 2018.

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  5. Kitchen Features that Stand the Test of Time

    Kitchen styles, designs, and features that are on-trend have changed consistently over the years, but there are a few key kitchen elements to focus on when you want to create a classic space that combines the best in vintage appeal and modern beauty.

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  6. Kitchen Cabinet Height Guide: How High Should They Be?

    When choosing the height of your kitchen cabinets, there are many different factors to consider, and finding the right solution for your space depends on the style, needs, and overall layout of the heart of your family’s home.

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