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Kitchen & Bathroom Remodeling Blog

  1. Make Any Home High-Tech With Smart Assistants

    From kitchens to bathrooms to main living areas, there is one trend that is continuing to push boundaries and show-up in modern homes across the country—high-tech, smart assistants! While many of the smart gadgets used today were a thing of science-fiction novels only a few decades ago, high-tech home assistants are now taking the home…

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  2. Find the Right Appliance Finish to Match Your New Kitchen

    There are countless factors that go into creating a stylish kitchen that blends seamless with your taste and décor, and a kitchen remodel is the perfect time to upgrade the visual appeal of this essential room of the house. Flooring, cabinets, wall color, and more all add to the ambiance of a stunning kitchen, but…

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  3. Eco-Friendly Bathroom Tips – Go Green in the Bathroom!

    Nothing adds more value, comfort, and convenience to your home than a fully functional and beautiful bathroom. While luxury and durability are both at the top of the list for homeowners considering products for a bathroom upgrade, have you thought about the environmental impact of your bathing space? With a worldwide push towards sustainability and…

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  4. Bathroom Trends 2018 – Remodel Your Bathroom In Style!

    Every room of your home serves a specific purpose, and the bathroom is no exception. While it may be one of the smallest rooms in your home, it is also one of the most used, so turning it into a luxurious oasis that you enjoy spending time in is a top priority for homeowners across…

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  5. Kitchen Trends 2018 – Find The Style For Your Remodel

    The kitchen of any home serves a variety of functions, from being a utilitarian space for making home-cooked meals to being a gathering area for family and friends. While every kitchen space needs to be fully functional, you also want it to be a show-stopping statement piece in your home, and one of the best…

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  6. Create Contrast With Dark and Light Cabinets

    There are few home remodeling projects that are more exciting — and intimidating — than a complete kitchen makeover. While some homeowners re-do their kitchens to replace outdated features with modern elements, others are going for increased storage space or a greater resale value with impressive kitchen additions. Whatever your reasons may be for taking…

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