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  1. Kitchen Trends 2018 – Find The Style For Your Remodel

    The kitchen of any home serves a variety of functions, from being a utilitarian space for making home-cooked meals to being a gathering area for family and friends. While every kitchen space needs to be fully functional, you also want it to be a show-stopping statement piece in your home, and one of the best…

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  2. Create Contrast With Dark and Light Cabinets

    There are few home remodeling projects that are more exciting — and intimidating — than a complete kitchen makeover. While some homeowners re-do their kitchens to replace outdated features with modern elements, others are going for increased storage space or a greater resale value with impressive kitchen additions. Whatever your reasons may be for taking…

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  3. 5 Simple Kitchen Cabinet Hacks To Increase Storage

    From making delicious meals to gathering with friends and family, you spend a lot of time in your home’s kitchen—and clutter is the last thing you need when you want a functional and beautiful space! Adequate storage is a necessity in any kitchen, whether you have a tight, gallery-style kitchen or an expansive, custom layout….

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  4. Get Your Bathroom Organized With These 4 Easy Solutions

    Looking for ways to keep your bathroom organized? Don’t miss these 4 easy solutions to get rid of that clutter forever.

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  5. Kitchen Flooring Ideas, Options & Buying Guide

    The ideal kitchen is functional, beautiful, and able to withstand heavy daily use, and the flooring in your space plays a big role in the look and functionality of your remodel! However, if you’ve taken a look at the various kitchen flooring options that are available on today’s market, it is easy to get overwhelmed….

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  6. Get Inspired! 10 Cabinet Solutions to Maximize Space

    There are countless factors that go into creating a functional, stylish kitchen that you actually enjoy spending time in. From the counter tops to flooring to the appliances, all of the features of your kitchen play an important role, but cabinets are at the top of the list when it comes to function, convenience, and…

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