If you envision clean lines, serious symmetry and an uncompromising yet understated aesthetic, you'll love the look of modern kitchen cabinets. Kitchen Cabinet Kings has a breadth of stylish, updated kitchen cabinets, including ultra-chic, all-white contemporary kitchen cabinets as well as super sleek cabinets in darker finishes that honor the contemporary movement in a more subtle way. Whether you're redesigning a small, urban kitchen or renovating your expansive modern home, this selection will guide you toward the contemporary cabinets of your dreams.

Modern kitchen design is big on taking minimalist concepts - like smooth surfaces, rugged geometric and shiny finishes - and making them stand out in a maximalist way. The idea behind contemporary design is always to think outside the box, so don't let yourself get hung up on guidelines. Stylish modern design should walk a fine line between subtlety and simplicity and standout statement.

Color schemes range from industrial-inspired palettes in grays and black (hello, Gramercy Midnight Kitchen Cabinets) to flawless white kitchen cabinets that leave adornment at the door. If you're a traditional-modernist hybrid, you can't go wrong with the commanding look of simple, white cabinets, like our Ice White Shaker RTA Kitchen Cabinets.

Most of these contemporary styles feature very little or no designs on the door panels, with the exception of our Ice White Shakers, which have a subtle raised square door and drawer front, making them appropriate for both modern and transitional design. Dress up (or down) your modern cabinets with simplistic hardware for that truly timeless contemporary look. Our flawless LCP8 handles feature an up-to-date brushed nickel finish over a strong-yet-inviting solid handle design.