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Custom Or Stock Kitchen Cabinets

Can You Tell If These Are Custom Or Stock Kitchen Cabinets?

Flipping through the pages of home decor magazines can give you a clear vision of what you want to bring into your home; you may want to model the French countryside design or something regal from the Victorian era. The style portrayals are on point, but the price tag attached to it may be out of reach for most home owners. With bills and expenses forever growing, it becomes impossible to achieve that high class look you want without over spending.

Lucky for us kitchen cabinet manufacturers have now made those ritzy, high end cabinets available in a lower price range. Custom cabinetry is extremely expensive because it is made to each individual’s specifications; the size, color, and door style are decided by the consumer. Newly advanced stock cabinets have the efficiency, durability, and aesthetics of custom cabinetry with certain restrictions.

The price difference between custom and stock cabinetry comes with the slight limitation in available sizes. Custom cabinets allow for any size specification that a customer may need, this includes fractions of an inch, etc. Stock cabinets come in all the standard sizes, but if you have any odd measurements, this may not work for you.

You can create a very high end look, without compromising the quality of your kitchen. Infuse style and efficiency to design a kitchen straight from the pages of Homes and Gardens, without dipping into your savings account!

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