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Kitchen & Bathroom Design Ideas from Kelly Wearstler


I’m literally drooling all over my keyboard. One of my favorite designers to follow is Kelly Wearstler. Known for her “raw and refined” style, Wearstler has built a design empire with her services, home furnishings, and fashion accessories. Her interiors can range from Old Hollywood to exotic to urban, and I am constantly inspired by how she effortlessly mixes textures and colors.

Wearstler’s designs are definitely not cheap; in fact, her interiors are often characterized by luxurious stones, metals, and woods. Rich bronze, jewel hues, and fabrics dominate her rooms and encourage those in them to get cozy, relax, and indulge. But instead of being ornate, it comes off completely chic.

Even though it may not be in your budget to have Kelly Wearstler design your kitchen and bathroom (and everything else, please??), we can all take a cue from this design mastermind and add some luxe and polish to our everyday lives. Below, I’ve pulled out five major themes from Wearstler’s work that you can inject, NOW, into your home kitchen or bathroom!

It’s Okay To Mix Metals

Kitchen with Stainless Steel Island
I know many of us are told never to mix silver and gold jewelry, but Wearstler takes this myth and squashes it flat with her incredible use of mixed metals in the kitchen of Wearstler’s Bel Air home. Look at that stunning island of stainless steel and brass trim. This modern look balances out the traditional looking cabinetry made of alderwood, and the geometric floor brings it all together. Try at Home: Browse vintage stores for brass or bronze accessories that can be displayed – like a decorative bowl, sculpture, or picture frame. These little touches can singlehandedly brighten up a room.

Be Bold With Color

Green Kitchen Cabinets
Do you have a color that just speaks to you? Don’t be afraid to use it. Just remember to stick to a theme, and only one accent color and one secondary color (any more would be too busy and divert focus.) Above, Wearstler outfitted actress Cameron Diaz’s Manhattan kitchen with brass trimmed cabinetry in a custom green, and contrasted the eye-popping style with unlacquered brass for an unapologetic statement. Try This At Home: Instead of emblazoning all your cabinets a bright color, what about painting the walls of your kitchen a bold hue that offsets your cabinets and counters? If it doesn’t turn out right, you can always paint it back.

Experiment With Natural Materials

Marble Wall Bathroom
This beach house bathroom in Wearstler’s Bel Air home is all about drama and glamour. The beautiful striations in the marble are flowing and wild, and contrast with the rigid lines of the vanity. By pairing this room with a geometric wooden chair, Wearstler keeps the look from being too high maintenance and stuffy. Try This At Home: If you can’t outfit all six walls of your bathroom in marble (few of us can), try installing a natural marble counter or even purchase a decorative marble tray to hold all your prettiest toiletries. Pair it with a wooden chair or wood framed mirror.

No Recessed Lighting

Kitchen with Beautiful Chandeliers
Wearstler says, “Recessed ceiling lights make everyone have raccoon eyes. Chandeliers are so much sexier.” (She speaks the truth.) The gorgeous chandelier above is complemented by several other Art Deco-esque lighting options. This gives the space a warm, soft atmosphere. Also, we LOVE those printed dual floor runners. So chic! Try This At Home: Select a chandelier in your favorite style to set the focal point of your kitchen. P.S.: We’re not talking about that traditional boring crystal chandelier. Pendant lighting can be modern, abstract, minimalistic, or from your favorite vintage furniture store. Take your time looking to find the perfect piece!

Embrace Graphics

Black & White Bathroom
This bathroom rocks my world. It is covered in this gorgeous stripe-y rock. Wearstler continues the sleek black and white look with a white vase and white flowers and very simple bathroom fixtures. Notice how instead of creating diversity in color, she realizes it through texture instead. The grooves in the white vanity correspond with the striped floors without looking too similar. Try This At Home: Buy a small sample of graphic, pretty wallpaper or paper (try The Paper Source) and a simple frame. Frame the paper within the frame and you instantly have artwork to hang in your bathroom. The monochromatic flowers are a cinch too – simply place white flowers in a white vase, and make sure you cut the stems short enough so there is no green poking out. I love how the resulting effect almost looks like a marble sculpture!

Did you glean any design ideas from Kelly Wearstler? Would you try her style in your home?

(Photos via Architectural Digest, Elle Decor, Elle Decor, Food and Wine)

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