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Four Mistakes People Make when Remodeling a Kitchen (and How to Avoid Them)


If you are embarking on the exciting journey of a kitchen remodel you have thousands of decisions facing you. Some are fun, some are dull, but all will affect the final outcome of the most-used room in your home. Increase your chances of having a successful remodel by avoiding these four mistakes that designers say will cause you immense headaches down the road.

Mistake #1: Design Changes

If you want to keep the cost, time and the stress of the kitchen remodel to a minimum, plan thoroughly and stick to the plan. Design changes during the remodel are the top money drainers and extend the length of kitchen remodels. Designers note that some people begin by pulling off a piece of wallpaper or changing a light fixture, then end up gutting the room before they know it. Instead of this piecemeal approach, make a complete plan with a computer design that utilizes as much of the old kitchen layout as possible. Sleep on it, revise, have others look at it, be sure traffic patterns and work patterns are well-thought out, and be sure you are happy with the design before you begin. Then stick with the plan.

Mistake #2: Lighting

A common mistake in kitchen remodeling is to brush aside the lighting as unimportant. But a kitchen is a workspace, and light is vital to working effectively. Consider fixtures and bulbs — are they easy to clean? Are replacement bulbs easy to find and moderately priced? Can you reach the fixtures easily? Are your workspaces well lit? Maybe you need dedicated lighting under the cabinets, over the sink, or over the island where the kids do homework.

Mistake #3: Too Little Storage

All of us keep lots of stuff in our kitchens. Be sure to design enough usable cabinet, pantry and counter space to store all of your things effectively and efficiently. One way to do this is to make an inventory of everything in your kitchen and decide where in your new kitchen you will put each item. If you take up cupboard space with handy bins for staples or a trash compactor, you may need to add another cabinet or expand the pantry. If your new kitchen looks great but doesn’t work for you, that great-looking remodel is a waste.

Mistake #4: Style Errors

Many homeowners fall in love with a kitchen style without considering the overall effects of the design. If you have a traditional home with an 1800’s facade, then a modern steel and black kitchen will clash with expectations and won’t stand the test of time. You chose a home with a particular style for a reason; be consistent with that style in your kitchen remodel and you’ll be happier in the long term.

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Very good post! I agree with all but design changes are the most crucial one of all, you have to be set on what your contractor presents to you and both of you sign off on.


Isn’t it rather hilarious when designs focus more on space and style, then leave the lighting requirements unattended? No need for lighting ideas, sure; it takes care of itself. Those reruns of the English-dubbed Iron Chef always give one an emphasis on the economy and importance of a multi-purpose kitchen.


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