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Make Your Cabinets Look New


Before Cabinet Refacing
Before Cabinet Refacing

Do you want new kitchen or bathroom cabinets, but you can’t afford it?  Sometimes a cabinet remodel is financially out of reach no matter how far you try to stretch a dollar.  This doesn’t mean that you can’t have a kitchen that looks like new.  Here are some tips and tricks to make your dingy kitchen cabinets sparkle like new.

Try replacing the knobs and pulls on your kitchen cabinet doors and drawers.  By changing the hardware you will add a little extra flair to your kitchen.  If your current pulls are wooden, try incorporating a polished metal in silver, bronze, or copper.

You can also attempt to restain your cabinets yourself.  By sanding down your current kitchen cabinets and applying a new stain it will give the kitchen a brand new feel.  Without having to pay cabinet manufacturers to finish and highlight your cabinets you will save tons of money.

After Cabinet Refacing
After Cabinet Refacing

Also try rearranging what can be moved in your kitchen.  If you have a painting on one wall, try moving it to the other. This will play with the look of the kitchen.  Painting the walls will also help change up the theme of your kitchen cabinets without costing you money.

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