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Kitchen Design Trend: Stainless Steel Cabinets


Stainless Steel CabinetsStainless steel has become a fixture of contemporary kitchen design, seen in everything from sinks to counter tops to major appliances. Now, some innovative manufacturers are taking stainless to the next level by constructing kitchen cabinets from this bright and durable material. Stainless steel has a crisp and minimalist look that complements modern interiors, while its industrial flair works well in more traditional settings. Since stainless is impermeable to heat, rain and humidity, it also makes a great addition to outdoor kitchens.

Qualities of Stainless Steel

Stainless is hypoallergenic, bacteria resistant, and because the surface is uncoated, it’s the ideal material for people with sensitivities to paint or other chemicals. On a purely practical note, stainless cleans up quickly and easily with any basic household cleaner and a damp sponge. Stainless is prone to show fingerprints or scratches, however, so the material may not be the best cabinet choice for families with young children or inquisitive pets.

Strong and Durable Beauty

Steel has amazing tensile strength, and for this reason most kitchen cabinets constructed of stainless use only a thin layer of steel over a solid inner core. This design gives the cabinets structural integrity and prevents the tinny sound produced by solid steel frames. Stainless cabinets are available in a full range of sizes and styles to create the custom kitchen you’re looking for, and with proper care, stainless can last for years, if not a lifetime.

Affordable Alternatives

Many manufacturers cover cabinets in the same grade of steel that is used in major appliances, which can be costly. If you love the look of stainless, don’t let the expense price you out of the market. Look for cabinets that combine steel with wood or medium-density fiberboard (MDF) to get the same great look without a substantial investment. Use only a few stainless cabinets in key locations to create eye-catching accents and keep expenses down.

Design Ideas

Whether you choose to use stainless in appliances, counters or kitchen cabinets, remember that this material makes a big impact. Too much stainless can give a kitchen a cold, clinical feel. Avoid combining steel cabinets and counters to reduce the shine factor and keep kitchens welcoming. For best results, use stainless sparingly. Combine upper stainless cabinets with cherry-stained floor cabinets to soften the look, or use full-length stainless cabinets with glass-fronted doors to create a custom and striking display cupboard or wine rack.

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