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Two Ways to Modernize your Traditional Kitchen


Your style may not be contemporary; however, if you are looking to add a modern twist to your traditional kitchen you have come to the right place! Bold colors, sleek lines, and open concepts may be a bit overwhelming, but incorporating one or two of these techniques into your existing kitchen will bring it up to date without losing its timeless appeal.

Remove Cabinet Doors

By removing some cabinet doors you can add a new feel to your room. Many modern kitchen designs incorporate shelving instead of cabinets to create an open atmosphere. For many home owners this is not an ideal solution for the storage space dilemma, but you can still infuse a bit of style without compromising functionality. Instead of opting for wall to wall shelving simply remove the doors from about three cabinets.

Don’t Be Color Shy

Color can really bring a new life into your kitchen. Depending on your current color scheme, choose a bold, bright color! You can apply this color to a small area, such as an area rug or curtains, to add a nice highlight, or you could expand the color to a larger area such as the walls or countertop, creating a new focal point. Modern styles are all about standing out, so select a color that will do just that.

You can bring your tradition into the present by applying one or two techniques. These tips are quick and easy, and they typically are inexpensive.

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