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What Is The Difference Between Kitchen and Bathroom Cabinets?


FAQ: What is the difference between kitchen cabinets and bathroom cabinets?A question that we often get asked at Kitchen Cabinet Kings is “What Is The Difference Between Kitchen Cabinets and Bathroom Cabinets?” To many home owners, the cabinets that comprise the over used bathroom vanities are nearly identical to the cabinetry used to store our favorite dinnerware; however, there are subtle differences that make bathroom cabinets much more suitable for your bathroom.

While the design, construction, and even finish may be identical between bathroom cabinets and kitchen cabinets, there some slight differences. The main difference is the sizing of the cabinetry, particularly the depth. Kitchen cabinets are twenty four inches deep, and bathroom cabinets are twenty one inches deep, allowing a little extra space. Bathroom cabinets are typically shorter in height, standing thirty one inches high versus kitchen cabinetry which is usually thirty four inches high. Today, many cabinet manufacturers construct their bathroom cabinets at thirty four inches high, the same height as your kitchen cabinets. The extra three inches allows individuals to get ready without having to bend so much.

You can purchase bathroom cabinets to match your kitchen cabinets or opt for a completely different look, knowing either way, that you are not compromising storage space or floor space. You will receive the same quality and style without cluttering the smallest of guest bathrooms!

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