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What is a Concrete Countertop?

Concrete CountertopConcrete counter-tops are counters that have a concrete surface. Concrete counter-tops are frequently used in lieu of marble or granite materials.

Concrete counter-tops have become a popular feature in kitchens over the past few years. With beautiful stains and customized measurements, many homeowners are finding that concrete counter-tops are the perfect addition to their homes. Many consumers choose concrete counter-tops as an environmentally friendly alternative to using quarried stone or petroleum-based materials. Concrete is durable yet beautiful, and it can be stained to match the décor of the room. Concrete counter-tops can also be enhanced by embedding tile or mosaics in the concrete. While concrete counter-tops are durable, a sealer must be applied in order to protect them. They must also be waxed regularly to maintain the shine and durability. Concrete counter-tops may develop small cracks over time, but these do not affect the strength or stability. Many homeowners believe that the cracks simply add to the charm and character of concrete counter-tops.

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