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What is a Corner Sink Base?

Corner Sink BaseA corner sink base is the type of cabinet used to place a traditional kitchen sink in a corner area of the cabinet run. This type of sink placement is most common in “L” or “U” shaped base cabinet runs. The difficulties that are specific to this type of placement are related to both the need for a large countertop area to support the basin and the difficulty of maintaining a complete drain-pipe and water-supply access underneath the sink. A corner sink base uses a common sink type, but it requires custom cabinet installation to adapt the base cabinet, the backsplash and the top cabinetry in a configuration that allows for an ergonomic use of the space. It is challenging to merge the practicality of placing the sink in a corner with the functional needs of supporting counterpace in the adjacent space. The sink basin used in such a design will typically be trapezoidal or oval in shape without attached faucets to allow for placement flexibility based on the pre-existing pipe locations.

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