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What is a Dishwasher Panel?

Dishwasher PanelA dishwasher panel is the viewable portion of the dishwasher. It covers and conceals the machine while allowing it to match the other appliances or the décor of the kitchen.

A dishwasher panel is a false front that is attached to the dishwashing machine. It may be secured with hardware, or it may be attached using adhesives. Dishwasher panels allow the machine to match other appliances in the kitchen, but it may also be disguised as a cabinet unit. Panels are available in white, cream, black and stainless steel. There are also specialized panels that are designed to have an antique or wooden appearance. A dishwasher panel may feature the machine’s controls on the front, while more advanced models may have the controls hidden away on the top of the panel. It is important that homeowners carefully measure their dishwashing units before ordering a new dishwasher panel because the machines are not uniform in size.

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