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What is Fine Grain?

Fine GrainFine grain refers to the types of wood that have very small, tight lines in the wood. It may also be referred to as a smooth grain.

Fine grain woods have natural lines in the wood that are small and very close together. This is caused when cellulose fibers of the tree are fairly uniform. Fine grain woods become very smooth after sanding, and they have fewer knots. They also have less variations in the density throughout a single piece of wood. These characteristics make woods with a fine grain easier to work with, which means that fillers and wood plugs are usually unnecessary. Since the grain is small and tight, it does not provide the same color contrast in the grain pattern. Stains and finishes may help to accentuate the variations within the pattern, but most homeowners prefer woods that have more definite distinctions between the light and dark lines of the grain. In some cases, lumber with a fine grain may be covered with a more visually impressive veneer to improve the appearance of cabinets, floors or furniture.

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