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What is a Frameless Cabinet?

Frameless CabinetFrameless cabinets are designed to eliminate the need for trim boards, which thereby increases the ease of access to the cabinets. Frameless cabinets were popularized in Europe after the invention of the hidden hinge, which does not require a frame for proper mounting. Frameless cabinetry is the standard throughout Europe and many parts of Asia, but it is still slow to progress in popularity in North America. The frameless style of cabinet appeals to those following a modern styled kitchen plan. The lack of visible hinges and unobstructed access to compartments make frameless styles very practical.

Frameless cabinetry can be produced very efficiently, which is what makes this style of cabinet more appealing to manufacturers than framed-style cabinets. Frameless cabinets were first developed in Europe where homes frequently do not have permanent cabinets included in the kitchen. Because frameless cabinets are constructed from stronger materials, they tend to be considered more durable. Frameless base cabinets will often reside on legs.

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