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What is a French Leg?

French LegA French leg may be used to support cabinets without the need for a toe kick area. The term may refer to cabinet or furniture legs that are either straight or curved.

A French leg is a style of furniture leg, but it may also refer to a cabinet leg. A French leg is available in several different designs, such as the cabriole leg. Cabriole legs are curved at the top and bottom of each leg. One curve is concave while the other is convex, resulting in a design similar to a wave. This style originated in Italy and was created to resemble the back legs of goats. It is frequently seen in Louis XV furniture designs. A French leg may also refer to a simpler design style that is straight. In this case, a French leg may have carvings that run along the length of the leg, which may be tapered in areas. French legs are used in cabinetry to prevent the need for a toe kick area, which allows chefs to be more comfortable as they work.

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