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What is Granite?

GraniteGranite is a type of stone commonly used in kitchen countertop construction. This popular rock has a distinct appearance and texture in its natural state, but once it is cut and polished granite can be made as smooth as any other surface. Granite is defined as an igneous rock that has a 20 percent or higher quartz content. The natural coloring of granite is dependent on the mineralogical composition of the particular piece, but granite usually has a variation of pink or gray coloring. In its natural environment, granite is not only known for its beauty but also for its strength.

There are numerous benefits to using granite in countertop construction that make its higher cost worth the investment. Granite countertops naturally resist heat so there is no need for hot pads on the counter. This is a non-porous stone, so granite offers natural protection against mold and mildew. It is also easy to clean up because this rock will not absorb or risk being distorted in anyway by chemicals used to clean its surface. The fact that a granite countertop does not require a sealant is an added benefit. Additionally, granite can have its edges beveled and finished in highly decorative ways that add elegance to any kitchen.

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