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What is a Stem Rack?

Stem RackA stem rack is an organizational tool that stores different types of glasses. It may also be referred to as a glass rack.

A stem rack is used to store a variety of stemware in kitchens. It is designed to hold champagne flutes, goblets, wine glasses and other glassware with stems. Stem racks prevent stemware from taking up precious space in kitchen cabinets. Instead, the glasses are hung from a rack that is placed beneath a mounted wall cabinet. This allows the glasses to drain properly while storing them in an attractive manner. A stem rack may also be a box or crate that is set on the counter, or it may even be a rail that is mounted to the wall. Stem racks are available in metal or wood, which makes it easy to incorporate them into both modern and traditional kitchen designs. A stem rack may also be called a glass rack or stemware holder.

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