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9 Deliciously New Cookbooks to Try in 2018


Wherever you live across the country, we all have one thing in common—food! While everyone may have their own favorite cuisines and meals to prepare with loved ones, more and more innovative cookbooks are hitting the shelves each year that allow us all to expand our kitchen knowledge and palates.

Last year was a big year for revolutionary cookbooks hitting the shelves, and 2018 is shaping up to have a similar outlook. From fast, family friendly dinner ideas to classic, ethnic cuisine from well-known chefs in the industry, there are nine must-try cookbooks that you need to consider adding to your collection this year.

1. Hello, My Name is Ice Cream — Danna Cree

Who doesn’t love ice cream? This delicious treat is a favorite of young and old alike, but have you ever caught yourself dreaming of new, bold, homemade ice cream flavors? If so, then this book is the answer for you. With over 100 different ice cream recipes to explore, James Beard-nominated pastry chef, Danna Cree, takes you on a journey that teaches you the science of ice cream—giving you all the inspiration and knowledge you need to dive in and start making your own amazing treat.

2. Egg Shop: The Cookbook — Nick Korbee

If you’ve ever thought that adding an egg to a boring, everyday dish can transform it into something amazing, then Nick Korbee has put together a cookbook that is perfect for your taste. Based upon the top foods and drinks available at New York City’s Egg Shop, there are over 100 different recipes included in this well-thought-out cookbook that range from basic poaching and scrambling to basting eggs in coffee-infused, chocolate-bacon butter.

3. The Mamma Mia! Diet — Paola Lovisetti Scamihorn & Paola Palestini

Italian food and losing weight aren’t typically two things that go hand-in-hand, but they do now with the unique perspective in The Mamma Mia! Diet. Based upon the Mediterranean diet, this cookbook tells you how to eat pasta, enjoy wine, and lose weight, all while crafting modern, healthy Italian dishes that the whole family will love. More than just a cookbook or weight-loss guide, this comprehensive plan delivers a thorough approach to big lifestyle changes.

4. Solo: The Joy of Cooking for One — Signe Johansen

When thinking about home-cooking, most cookbooks cater towards families or couples that want to explore new and interesting food. That can be a frustration for a solo food adventurer that has a desire to explore unique recipes without ending up with a fridge full of leftovers. If that sounds like you, pick up Solo: The Joy of Cooking for One. Both beautifully designed and expertly written, this cookbook can take you on a culinary journey—one solo meal at a time.

5. Vegan Comfort Classics — Lauren Toyota

Most people don’t think of Philly cheesesteak, macaroni and cheese, or fried chicken as vegan food, but allow this new-release cookbook to push you past your comfort zone in creating healthy, vegan meals that explode the taste buds! Sprinkled with personal stores and recipes that include everything from pop tarts to buffalo chicken dip, Vegan Comfort Classics is an exciting book that takes vegan cooking to the next level.

6. The Just Bento Cookbook: Everyday Lunches to Go — Makiko Itoh

The typical adult spends most of their life on a hectic schedule, which has led to the popularity of fast and affordable weekday dinner cookbooks. But, what about lunch? Arguably one of the hardest meals to make time for, this healthy cookbook teaches you how to turn around your lunch routine with easy, bento lunches that are healthy, inexpensive, and absolutely delicious!

7. BraveTart: Iconic American Desserts — Stella Parks

A New York Times Bestseller, BraveTart: Iconic American Desserts was written by Stella Parks and has been called a groundbreaking look into baking. American cooking is known for its hearty, down-home style, and this classic theme is embraced in the numerous recipes and over 200+ dessert variations you’ll find here. Destined to become a classic and a staple in any American kitchen, this cookbook deserves a place of honor in the heart of your family’s home.

8. Dinner: Changing the Game — Melissa Clark

Dinner planning can be stressful for families, whether you’re swamped with work obligations or have a carful of kids that needs to get to their afterschool activities. One-dish dinners have become a popular trend for busy families, and you will discover hundreds of flavorful, stand-alone meals to break up your weekly dinner routine with Dinner: Changing the Game. The recipes are all based on one main ingredient—making meal planning a breeze—and the modern twist on American classics is sure to satisfy even the pickiest taste buds.

9. Nopalito: A Mexican Kitchen — Gonzalo Guzman

Nopalito is a renowned restaurant in San Francisco, and now you can bring the flavors of regional Mexican food into your own home with this cookbook written by head chef, Gonzalo Guzman. As you explore the pages of this rich and visually appealing cookbook, you will learn about the Mexican food and culture as you try your hand at favorite recipes that have made Nopalito a stand-out restaurant on the West Coast.

There’s no better way to bring culture and excitement right to your family’s kitchen than with an expertly crafted cookbook, and the nine cookbooks explored above offer a great place to start when you’re ready to freshen up your routine and break-out of a boring dinner rut.

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