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Crown, Dental & Scribe Moldings – Add Something Extra To Your Kitchen


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Cabinets With Moldings

There are tons of ways to visually enhance your kitchen. Incorporating molding into the mix will change the look of the room without spending tons of money. There are numerous types of molding and multiple ways to utilize it.

Crown molding, dental molding, and scribe molding, oh my! Crown molding is a very traditional molding that can be used in a variety of ways. Many home owners opt to install crown molding around the entire room; while others simply use it to build the cabinets up to the ceiling. To achieve cabinetry to the ceiling look dental molding is inserted into the crown molding to add height. Any way that the crown molding is used, it brings a traditional, home feeling to your kitchen.

There are also more embellished types of moldings. Some moldings have a roping insert for a more Victorian feel. If you are looking to make your home as modern as possible, there are also very simple, linear moldings. Adding molding to your room or your kitchen not only finishes the look, but it makes the room complete. With very little money you can take something small and reap big rewards.


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