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  1. The Must Know’s of Cabinetry

    It’s easier than ever to go online and purchase kitchen cabinets.  More people are doing it than ever before.  It is also very easy to get ripped off on a product that you may not be completely familiar with.  Here is some basic knowledge that a potential consumer of kitchen cabinets should know. What types…

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  2. 5 Ways to Creatively Decorate Your Kitchen Cabinets

    Ok, so you got your new kitchen cabinets and you still feel like something is missing.  Well, there is!  You need to decorate those new cabinets!  Most cabinets have a space between the cabinet and the ceiling.  Here are 5 creative ideas to fill that empty space. #1 Go Green Get some ivy and let…

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  3. How to Make Your Kitchen More Fun

    We could all use a little more fun in our lives.  In order to entertain guests at your house you need a “fun” kitchen.  Here are a few ways to make your kitchen better for entertaining. PLAN IT OUT In order to do anything in life, we need a plan.  Take a little while and…

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  4. It All Starts With A Cabinet Door Style

    Selecting your door style will probably be the first in a series of crucial decisions pertaining to your new kitchen design; be sure to steer clear of ultra trendy, fad styles.

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  5. Redesign Your Kitchen and Reinvent Your Space

    Even with the newest trend in cabinets, sometimes a remodel leaves your kitchen looking eerily similar to its predecessor. By enlisting the help of a kitchen design specialist you can transform your space.

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  6. Become Familiar with Kitchen Cabinet Sizes

    The informed consumer makes the best decisions. This blog will help you become familiar with the standard sizes of wall, base, and pantry cabinets in order for you to begin planning the new design of your kitchen!

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