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Gone are the days where the more over the top your kitchen is, the better.  Today, the top trend seems to be a more simple approach to elegance and functionality.  With an extremely fast paced life style, many home owners want to come home to subtle simplicity.

In a world where everything is over complicated, your home life should be anything but, and this is part of the reason clean lines and slab doors have made a huge comeback in kitchen design.  You can incorporate frameless kitchen cabinets into any home, regardless of the overall scheme.  In a more modern home, you can pair a dark colored cabinet with stainless steel appliances to create a contemporary cookery.  Traditional homes may be more difficult to combine with these new age cabinets, but it is not impossible.  Purchase clean white cabinets and accent the room with a dark wood table to emit that old world charm.

To add to the easy breezy appeal of these European inspired cabinets, you can purchase them from the comfort of your own home.  Utilize online kitchen cabinet distributors to take any hassle out of the remodeling process.  You will receive the low, wholesale pricing without compromising quality.  The best part is, you will receive your cabinets within about two weeks, much quicker than through your  local show room or home center!

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