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Make Your Kitchen More “New York”


People in New York like when things move fast.  They don’t like to wait for their buses or trains and they definitely don’t like to wait for their meals.  Hey!  They gotta get back to work!  Here are a few ways to make your kitchen a little more New York even if you live out in the suburbs of Pennsylvania.


People in New York (and most cities for that matter) like more industrial appliances.  They usually like the restaurant-style look.  So what can you do?  Try replacing the old appliances with new stainless steel ones.  Stainless has a much more sleek and clean look, it also is good for an active kitchen because you know New Yorkers like to cook!

Kitchen Cabinets

Change those kitchen cabinets!  In New York the style is darker and also more eco-friendly.  So what better way to accomplish both than to replace your old cabinets with the new aptly named Tribeca cabinets?  Not only are they dark in color but they are made from eco-friendly bamboo!  Bamboo is more sustainable and better for the environment than wood.


Ok, so you don’t have the money to replace your appliances and kitchen cabinets.  All you have to do is buy a few city decorations.  There are really cool artistic pictures and paintings of the Manhattan skyline.  You don’t have to get too crazy a simple photo here and there can really brighten up your kitchen.


Again New Yorker’s tend to like darker colors, but painting a lighter color and going darker with the kitchen cabinets is probably your best bet especially if your kitchen space isn’t very open.

There you have it!  Four easy steps to transforming your old boring kitchen into a fast-paced high profile New York kitchen.  Before you know it Gordon Ramsey will show up and start screaming at you that you aren’t moving fast enough.

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