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Bathroom Demolition! (And Nine Tips To Do It)


Woman Doing Bathroom DemolitionSo you’ve found your brand new bathroom cabinets. You’ve decided on the beautiful mosaic tile for your shower. And, you’re itching to order that new freestanding bathtub! But before you can install all that…

Demolition is the first step to achieving your fantasy bathroom. Unfortunately, demolition itself is as real as it gets. The process is often long, arduous, and takes a lot of patience. The upside is, that you will probably experience an extremely satisfying delight in removing that hideous pink tile or ripping out those old dirty cabinets you’ve hated for so long.

Before embarking on your dream bathroom remodel, check out these nine helpful tips for making the demo journey as easy as possible:

1. Design a plan for the final layout. Do not begin demolition without a clear idea of what you want your dream bathroom to look like, final measurements, and exact products you will be purchasing to fill the space. Are you tearing down a wall? Make sure you have a blueprint drawn out so everyone is on the same page.

2. Assemble a team. Do you have siblings or awesome friends who’d volunteer a Saturday helping you out to get one step closer to your dream bathroom? Don’t forget to offer beers or dinner afterwards and definitely order lunch for the group! This most likely won’t be finished in a day, so wisely schedule your friends so you have someone coming to help out every weekend.

3. Discover what’s behind that wall. Generally, it’s safe to assume that there’s some type of electrical wiring back there. There could also be water pipes, or even You can knock out a small hole and use a flashlight to scope out what you’re working with.

4. Have a “Trash Plan of Action.” Will you be renting a rollaway dumpster? These are cost-effective if you have a lot to demolish and will save you time and money instead of driving to a landfill. You could also do research on a hauling service and see how much it will cost for you to hire someone to pick up items like plaster and lathe from you home to dispose of.

5. Turn off water supply and power. This will prevent leaks and electrical injuries.

6. Remove objects like shelves, mirrors, light fixtures, and cabinets first. Simply unscrew and make sure you don’t leave sharp screws or nails lying around on the floor – it’s hard but try to keep your demolition area as hazard free as possible! For extra protection, wear industrial boots. Do not wear thin sneakers and never open toed shoes.

7. Equip yourself! Tools every DIY demolisher will at least need are: a sledge hammer, crowbar, a prybar, a clawhammer, and get a pack of disposable dust masks. You never know what might be poisonous, especially as lots of old homes have asbestos.

8. Be prepared for the flooring. If you’re installing a gorgeous new tile, keep in mind that ripping out the flooring is often the most labor intensive part. There will be A LOT of debris, plaster, and dust that accumulates. If you were to hire a professional for to help out, it would be for this part, hauling away debris, and navigating anything electrical or water supply related.

9. Anticipate changes. Even though you’ve begun your project with a plan, be prepared that some things may change. A part that you thought might have been salvageable might not be, or who knows, you might discover some attractive red brick underneath all that mortar in your wall! Go with the flow, and leave some breathing room in your budget for surprises.

Have you gone through a successful bathroom demolition yourself? I’d love to hear your tips and experiences!

(Photo via DIY Network)

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