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5 Bathroom Remodeling Tips for the Winter


Even if it seems like the rest of your house is warm and cozy, your bathroom may be the one room in the house that is cold and uninviting during the wintertime. You may dread going into the cold bathroom to take a bath or shower because you know that you will be freezing once you leave the comfort of the warm water. However, your bathroom can be just as cozy and comfortable as the rest of your house when you remodel it with the winter chill in mind. Taking these ideas into consideration can help you transform your chilly bathroom into a refuge of warmth and beauty during the cold winter months.

Winter Bathroom Haven

Plush Flooring

If your bathroom has linoleum or tile in it, you can add some warmth and coziness to this room by laying plush carpeting. Even if you do not want to lay down wall-to-wall carpeting, you can still make the room warmer by using plush area rugs that have rubber backing on them. With these rugs in place, you can step out of the bath or shower onto a soft and comfortable rug that will not slip and cause you to fall. Plush bathroom carpeting can also be purchased in an array of colors so that you can match your flooring additions to your overall bathroom decorating scheme.

Heated Towel Racks

Once a luxury only found in high-end hotels, heated towel racks are now making their way into people’s homes. These fixtures can be purchased at most home improvement stores, as well as online, and can warm up your towels while you are in the shower or bath. Instead of toweling off with a cold and uncomfortable towel, you can dry off with a towel that is warm and ready for you to use.

Warmth-Absorbing Counters and Cabinets

If you have porcelain or marble in your bathroom, you are very familiar with how cold these materials can get in the wintertime. When your skin comes into contact with the cold marble or porcelain, the coldness of it can be uncomfortable, if not downright painful. You can add warmth and comfort to your bathroom by getting rid of these materials in favor of materials that retain heat better. Choices like wood or ceramic can be ideal when you want a cozier bathroom.

Warmer Lighting

An overhead light fixture does nothing to make your bathroom warmer in the wintertime. You can make this room warmer by using lamps, small chandeliers, and pendant lights can actually add heat to the room, as well as beauty that will make the room more inviting during the cold winter months.

Heated Flooring

For the ultimate wintertime comfort, you can add heated flooring to your bathroom and make this room a sanctuary that you will not want to leave. Heated flooring requires that you lay tubing or hoses under your flooring; however, the pay-off may be well worth it when you are changing clothes or washing up in a warm bathroom while the temperatures hover below freezing outside.

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