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Use a Bathroom Vanity Tower for That Extra Storage Space!


If you are remodeling a small bathroom, or find you need more storage in your current space, it is time to discover bathroom vanity towers as a way to add storage space to your bathroom.

Vanity towers are cabinets that rest on the vanity and go to the ceiling, transforming empty counter space into useful storage.

The most common time to add a vanity tower is when you remodel or first build a bathroom, so you can match the tower cabinetry to the rest of the bathroom cabinets. However, if you want a tower but don’t want a remodel, you can use a contrasting or complementary finish on the vanity tower and still create a great look.

Vanity towers do eliminate countertop space, so they work best on a wide vanity or on a double vanity. Many homeowners with double vanities put the tower between the two sinks, creating visual interest as well as lots of storage. With single sink vanities, try a tower to one side of the sink.

Vanity towers can be used as a design element as well; put some open shelves in the tower and add complementary decor items such as vases, figurines, plants or storage baskets. Consider mirrored doors or glass doors as well for a different design appeal. Remember that you cannot put anything on the counter in front of vanity tower doors unless you want to move it each time you open the cabinet. If you can recess or partially recess the vanity tower, you add storage space without taking up counter space.

Another great idea for vanity towers is installing electrical plugs in the towers. You can store small appliances such as electric shavers, curling irons or radios inside the towers, and have no electrical cords making a mess on bathroom counters.

Lighting the interior of the tower is both a practical and stylistic choice. Put lights at the top of the cabinet and have them shine down through glass interior shelves or glass doors, or install under-shelf lights to help you find small items in the back of a cabinet.

Bathroom vanity towers are a lovely and practical addition to a bathroom. If a bathroom remodel or build is in your future, look at a tower as a design or storage element in the room.

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