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Be Bold and Sophisticated with Dark Cabinets


Create a kitchen that really makes a statement by using dark cabinets, either throughout the kitchen or as accents. Without a doubt, deep, dark cabinet finishes make an stunning impact. Use them in a new home or a remodel for sophisticated, timeless result.

Care of Dark Cabinets

Dark cabinets do require attention and frequent cleaning. Dust, water spots, and food splatters will show up more easily on a dark cabinet. Wiping the cabinets down frequently with warm water and a mild soap with take care of most of those issues. Dark cabinets will also show dings, scratches and dents easily, so purchase a cover stick from a hardware store when you have the cabinets installed.

Light and Color

When installing dark cabinets, think about contrast, light and color. To avoid a heavy look in the kitchen, consider extremely light countertops to contrast the cabinetry. If there are places you can leave out upper cabinets, it will brighten the kitchen, as will using more natural light. Opt for open or glass front cabinets in the upper cabinets to provide the lighter, open feel that will balance dark cabinets.

Color Accents

Dark cabinets provide the perfect backdrop for stunning splashes of color. For example, a dark kitchen is the perfect place for an intricate backsplash made of tiny mosaic tile or heavily veined marble. A bright or complex wallpaper looks great on one wall or one area of a dark kitchen, and unique kitchen hardware really shines against the backdrop of dark cabinets.

Accent Cabinets

Consider pairing a lighter cabinetry in the main part of the kitchen with dark cabinets around the island or along one wall of the kitchen for a contemporary, stylish look. Or use dark cabinets around the walls and light cabinets on the island, creating a bright focal point for the entire room.

Contrast Surfaces

If considering dark cabinets, you may be happy using other materials in the kitchen that reflect rather than absorb light. For example, look at stainless steel appliances, bright white tile for the floor, countertop or backsplash, white grout and light colored walls to provide a bright contrast to dark cabinetry.

Our Dark Cabinets

At Kitchen Cabinet Kings we carry three deep, dark cabinet styles. Mocha Shaker is a dark, nearly black, cabinet in a clean, simple style. Use this cabinet with traditional fixtures for a clean, classic style kitchen. Tribecca cabinets look fabulous paired with contemporary, sophisticated hardware and fixtures for a sleek, modern kitchen. Pacifica provides a deep finish in a traditional style, with more detail in the cabinet doors and an elegant, rich finish.

Whatever style of cabinet you choose, you are sure to be pleased with the striking look of a dark kitchen.

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