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  1. Movable Kitchen Cabinets

    Using Movable Cabinets in Your Kitchen

    Movable cabinets are a great alternative for small or tight room designs. Understand the pros and cons of them and decide if they are right for your kitchen or office.

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  2. Dark Cabinets

    Be Bold and Sophisticated with Dark Cabinets

    Dark cabinets create a bold and sophisticated look that really make a statement. Check out these ideas to make your kitchen design using dark kitchen cabinets a success.

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  3. Get the Full Effect with the Right Overlay

    You can now select your door style overlay based on preference alone; which overlay fits your design?

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  4. The 2 Big Advantages of RTA Cabinets

    We have all heard the term RTA kitchen cabinets but what does RTA mean?  Many people already know but in case you don’t RTA stands for Ready to Assemble.  Not all kitchen cabinets come assembled.  There are 2 main advantages to RTA over standard cabinets. #1 Price Obviously price is a huge advantage.  Everyone wants…

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  5. The Must Know’s of Cabinetry

    It’s easier than ever to go online and purchase kitchen cabinets.  More people are doing it than ever before.  It is also very easy to get ripped off on a product that you may not be completely familiar with.  Here is some basic knowledge that a potential consumer of kitchen cabinets should know. What types…

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  6. 5 Ways to Creatively Decorate Your Kitchen Cabinets

    Ok, so you got your new kitchen cabinets and you still feel like something is missing.  Well, there is!  You need to decorate those new cabinets!  Most cabinets have a space between the cabinet and the ceiling.  Here are 5 creative ideas to fill that empty space. #1 Go Green Get some ivy and let…

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