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Category Archives: bathroom design

  1. 10 Ways To Make Your Bathroom Live Larger

    You’ve probably seen luxurious spa-like bathrooms on home improvement shows, in magazines and in model homes and dreamed of bringing that grand style and decadent scale into your own home. Unfortunately, one thing that many of these rooms have that most typical bathrooms don’t is extra square footage. Even if your bathroom is spatially challenged,…

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  2. Which Type of Bathroom Vanity Works For You?

    There are countless choices to make when planning a bathroom remodel, from the layout of your new bath to the type of shower and tub you want to have installed. Creating a stunning and functional bathroom comes down to the details, and choosing the right bathroom vanity and sink to suit your needs is an…

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  3. Warm Up Your Bathroom With Metal Fixtures

    Does your bathroom have cool, sleek textures that at times can feel a little chilly? Check out these ways to incorporate metal fixtures and add warmth your bathroom.

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  4. Bathroom Remodeling Trends for 2016

    Want to know what bathroom trends are popular in 2016? Take a look at the top bathroom design trends we’ve seen in 2016.

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  5. Following Feng Shui to a Better Bathroom

    Do you find yourself becoming stressed when trying to relax and renew? Use these minimal-effort tips from the art of Feng Shui to make your bathroom feel like new.

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  6. Examples of Ceramic Tiles in the Bathroom to Inspire You

    Is your bathroom lacking personality? Here are some creative ways to play around with shapes and colors in your bathroom by adding ceramic tiles.

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