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Tips For Choosing Dinnerware


Dinnerware is something we don’t tend to think about often, and ironically, it is something that is used day in and day out. Choosing the right dinnerware sounds like a no brainer, but it actually requires some thought. Your dinnerware should suit your needs as well as compliment the aesthetics of your kitchen.

Everyday Use or Special Occassions

The first decision to make is whether or not you will use the dinnerware daily or solely for special occasions. If you are on the hunt for every day dishes you will be looking for something stylish and sturdy. Constant handling and usage of your dishes makes them very susceptible to chips, cracks, and full on destruction. If you are anything like me, then dishwasher and microwave safe dishes are the only option. Some great damage resistant materials are porcelain, bone china, and stone ware.


Next up is the fun part! You have to determine what color or design you want your dinnerware. The most common, versatile, and inexpensive is white. I personally believe your dinnerware should coincide with your kitchen. When your table is set, the dishes will be the most prevalent item on the table, so to create cohesion pair your plates with your design palette. You may also wish to show case certain pieces in your glass cabinets, so they will need to compliment one another.

Round or Square

Finally you will need to decide whether round or square plates work for you. This usually comes down to your kitchen table. When the table is set, will there be enough room for guests to sit comfortably? Once you have gone through the steps you should come out with the perfect dinnerware!

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