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Utilize The Work Triangle When Planning Your Kitchen


Kitchen design needs to reflect your taste as a homeowner as well as make your work easier; you need to design your kitchen based on your wants and needs. Weighing out the importance of functionality and style will ensure that your kitchen cabinets are placed effectively without compromising the style. Utilizing the “work triangle” guideline will make the placement planning much easier.

The “work triangle” refers to the distance between the stove, refrigerator, and the sink. These three appliances are the most utilized; whether you are whipping up a quick snack or preparing a five course meal, having the “work triangle” strategically located will make these tasks simpler. You will no longer have to run around the kitchen in order to get the job done.

Once your “work triangle” is in place you can incorporate your kitchen cabinets in between and around the area. Many home owners like to place drawer base cabinets next to the range, to house their pots and pans. Another staple for many is having the dishwasher next to the sink and the garbage receptacle cabinet on the other side of the sink.

Remember that your kitchen’s primary function is for cooking and serving meals, although we do tend to utilize the space as an entertaining area. Design your kitchen with simplifying your life in mind, then fill in the blanks with your own personal touch!

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