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From Drab to Ultra Fab: Tips for a Complete Kitchen Remodel


Below is one of the most inspiring complete kitchen renovations I’ve seen in a while.
Before Complete Kitchen Remodel
This kitchen was drab, had poor lighting, was small, cramped, and outdated. At only 95 square feet, it didn’t offer much in terms of space or design. If I had looked at this kitchen, I would have deemed it a lost cause. But luckily, the owners saw potential.
After Complete Kitchen Remodel
In three months, this San Francisco kitchen was utterly transformed into a spacious, open and stylish haven. The owners did all the demolition themselves, knocking out a wall and gutting the room to make space for new cabinets, appliances, and the stunning zinc island. ‘

The room is now 170 square feet, making the area perfect for entertaining friends for casual appetizers or cocktails around the island. We love how the measured to size niche fits both the range and the refrigerator, making the room appear larger than it is. The tile backsplash is another stunning detail. The pale blue gloss complements the deep gray hue of the walls, resulting in an ultra sophisticated atmosphere. And um, did you see that fabulous chandelier? Amazing.

According to the owners, a few tips along the way helped them stick to their mission and achieve this incredible final product:

1. Create a renovation schedule and stick religiously to it. This might mean putting some social engagements on hold for a few months, but the decreased stress, dust around the house, and feeling of accomplishment is well worth it!

2. Make a list of what you can and will outsource (Electrical? Plumbing?) and what you can do yourself (design, sourcing appliances?) Then price each task or project to help you create your own budget. The budget for this kitchen ended up being just over $28,000.

3. List out all tools, goods, and supplies before you start the project. The owners did not plan this well enough, and ended up making Home Depot runs twice a week for three months! Take the efficient route and go on one big shopping trip in the beginning. You can always return unused supplies after you’re done.

4. Shop vintage and mix and match. Not everything in your kitchen has to be brand new and cost a small fortune. On the side of the kitchen (not pictured) is a vintage hutch that holds items that normally would clutter a kitchen counter, such as apothecary jars filled with dry pastas, cereals and flour, and a colorful KitchenAid mixer. Scour local flea markets and smaller stores to find what you are looking for. The owners of this kitchen actually bolted their hutch to the wall, in earthquake-prone California.

5. Unfreeze your fear. Renovating your kitchen yourself can be incredibly daunting. The owners had to reassure themselves before each project that if something went wrong, a professional could easily be called in. They never had to once!

Is your kitchen in need of a full gut remodel? Share your tips for getting through it!

(Photos via Apartment Therapy)

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Kevin Roberts
Kevin Roberts

If I’m ignoring the pocket-pich, then compiling these would virtually make any kitchen amazing. This list contains almost all the to-do’s for a great looking kitchen. Great job pointing this out.


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