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Creative Storage Solutions for Hanging Bathroom Towels


Creating the perfect bathroom in your home comes down to the smallest details, and what detail is more important than your bathroom towels? After all, towels are necessary for every member of your family to comfortably get through their daily routine, but one of the biggest questions when it comes to bath towels is “Where do I put them?”

Out of all of the areas in your home, the bathroom can be a challenging space to find adequate storage. Most bathrooms tend to be on the smaller side—with wall space at a premium—and there are few areas available to store towels, especially when you have a large family! Considering options that are a bit outside-the-box is the best way to get more out of your bath storage, and you can find a creative solution to artfully store your towels by exploring a few of these innovative options.

Thinking Beyond the Wall

floating vanity bathroom towel bar
In large bathrooms, towels can be hung on wall racks to save space and keep them up off of the damp ground, but what do you do when that isn’t an option in your small bath? In cases like this, you have to think beyond the wall ad consider utilizing other areas of your bathroom to transform unused space into convenient towel storage, such as:

  • Door Mounts: Back of door mounts are a classic place to hang towels, and with the right planning, you can maximize the space with color coordination or rolled-towel storage.
  • Vanities: If you have a floating vanity, consider adding a towel bar along the lower edge, or create towel storage in the space that would typically be used for a vanity stool.

Utilizing Your Bath Feature

bathroom tower bar in shower interior
If you need bathroom towels, you likely have a shower or tub in your bathroom, so it makes sense to use this essential feature to hang-up your towels! While not all of these options will work for every bathroom configuration, there are some creative ways that you can get more out of your bath feature by creating towel storage out of:

  • Shower Doors: A storage bar on a pivoting shower door is the perfect place to hang your towel for easy access and to keep it warm while you are bathing.
  • Bathtubs: For vintage bathrooms, mounting a rail along the outside of the tub perfectly complements the look of the era while being both functional and cost-effective.
  • Shower Interiors: Do you hate stepping into the cold air of the bathroom searching for a towel after showering? If you have a rainfall showerhead or oversized shower, you can hang a towel bar right inside the stall so you never get a chill.

Making a Unique Statement

freestanding bathroom towel rack
Just because storage is utilitarian, doesn’t mean that it has to lack style! Bathrooms are a high-value area of your home for making a big impact on luxury, beauty, and quality, and you can use your need for towel storage to create a statement piece in your space. Consider storing your towels in options that include:

  • Wooden Crates: Rustic, natural décor is a popular choice in modern bathrooms, and the clean look and functional storage of wooden crates make them the perfect solution for towels.
  • Freestanding Racks: Freestanding racks accent anything from industrial to vintage bathrooms, and they double as both a convenient storage space and a decorative, beautiful piece.
  • Rolling Carts: If your bathroom is on the larger side, consider putting a rolling cart in the space to make redecorating a breeze and provide easy access to a towel when and where you need it.
  • Wine Racks: When you prefer the look of rolled towels, a wine rack is the perfect solution for neatly organizing all of your towels while creating a stylish accent that enhances your décor.

Bathroom storage can be a struggle, especially in homes where extra space is hard to come by. Instead of dealing with freezing walks to a different room or soggy towels crumbled on the floor, think outside of the ordinary storage features to bring your personal taste into the room! Whether you choose freestanding racks or built-in storage solutions, you will have your towels close-by, clean, and carefully stored to make life just that much easier.

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