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French Chateau Kitchen

French Chateau Kitchen

Flipping through the page of Home and Garden magazine can have quit the effect on homeowners, you begin creating the wish list of kitchen items and designs you aspire to incorporate in your next remodel. We find ourselves admiring the French chateau kitchens and picturing ourselves sitting at a table in a rustic, cottage kitchenette. The problem with scimgming through the latest issues of our favorite home decor magazine is that they typically come with a large price tag. The key to acquiring a high end kitchen look can be very low budget, if you know the inside tips.

Deciding on an overall theme for your kitchen is first and foremost; you can create anything from a modern, European look to a more traditional, Victorian inspired room. Whatever you choose, there are tons of ways to complete these looks. One of the biggest expenses in a kitchen renovation are the cabinets, traditionally they could eat away your budget but not anymore! Today, the most convenient, affordable, and time efficient way to receive stylish, quality cabinetry is to order them online. Ordering your cabinetry from an internet cabinet distributor allow you to receive the same cabinets found in show rooms and home centers for much lower costs.

Once your cabinets are selected, you will need to tie the room together through the “accessories”. Like any well planned outfit, your kitchen has aspects that help compliment the focal point (your cabinetry in this instance). The flooring, paint colors, back splash, and counter top can all be considered accessories. While you want to create some sort of contrast, you also want to formulate a cohesive look. My suggestion would be to play with the shades and tones of colors in the same family. For instance, if you have selected a chocolate brown cabinet, incorporating neutral colors for your design would be best. From there you can work with darker and lighter shades of particular golds, tans, and browns.

You can take a page out of your favorite magazine and bring it into your home, you simply need to know how to. Ordering your materials and cabinetry online will help save you money and ensure you’re receiving top of the line products.

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As a Kitchen designer nothing helps me more then when a customer comes in with a folder filled with their collage of ideas that allows me to narrow down not only their vibe but able to fit what they want within their budget.


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