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Eliminate Dead Space In Your Kitchen


Lazy Susan Cabinet

Lazy Susan Cabinet

No matter the size or shape of your kitchen, most home owners have some form of dead, unused kitchen cabinets. More often than not, the underutilized space is concealed by a fake door or drawer front with nothing behind it. With clutter increasing and space decreasing a serious problem arises. What are you supposed to do with the “useless” space in your kitchen?

This dilemma is typical for areas around appliances such as the oven, dish washer, and refrigerator. It also becomes an issue with corner cabinets. Luckily, cabinet manufacturers have got the memo. They have realized that storage space is never ample enough, and home owners want to squeeze their dinner ware and serving platters into every square inch possible.

To avoid incorporating faux cabinet fronts into your design simply to keep it aesthetically pleasing, try infusing kitchen cabinet addons. Instead of leaving space to waste in corner cabinets, add a Lazy Susan. This will ensure that every inch of your cabinet is going to be storage efficient. As for small spaces, where a filler may seem to be the only option, use a small cabinet for tray, server, and cutting board storage.

When you are redesigning your kitchen part of the purpose is to make your life simpler, and by making sure every kitchen cabinet is useful you are doing just that. Say goodbye to fillers and dead space and hello to a clutter free kitchen!


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