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Select the Right Height for Your Wall Cabinets


There is plenty of variation in the height of wall cabinets available; however, it all comes down to preference. You can go for a grand look and build your cabinets to your ceiling by pairing 42″ high cabinets with crown molding, or you can opt for a more modest feel with 30″ high cabinets and no top molding. It is something you would have to play with, and it is probably easiest to decide after seeing your design done utilizing a few options. Here are a few positives for each option.

The shortest wall cabinet height is 30″. This option is the least expensive, and it is available through most manufacturers, whether they are stock, semi custom, or custom made. These cabinets can be used without top molding to keep the costs down, and home owners can place tiny belongings, such as teapots, on display, above the cabinets. Since you will be saving money on the cost of the cabinet, you can also decide to use crown molding to add some extra height and style.

If you cannot decide you can always go with 36″ high wall cabinets; these cabinets are in the middle in regards to cost and storage space. This is perfect for homeowners that do not want to spend a fortune but that are also looking to be able to store all of their dinnerware.

To achieve that floor to ceiling cabinet look, most designers will suggest utilizing 42″ wall cabinets with crown molding. These cabinets offer the most storage space, typically coming with at least three shelves per cabinet. Being as they are of substantial stature, these cabinets can be used without crown molding as well, and the room will still have the same look. However, the taller the wall cabinet, the more expensive they become.

When you are working with your kitchen designer be sure to have him/her show you a few options both in renderings and price breakdowns. You will need to weigh out the options based on these two factors.

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