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Contractors Can Save Big Money By Using Online Cabinet Distributors


Online cabinet distributors are a dream come true for home owners; they can remodel their kitchen and/or bathroom without over spending.  However, the internet is even more useful for contractors.  Contractors typically work with a bulk of cabinets; flipping, fixing, and remodeling homes and offices throughout the year.  They are repeatedly buying materials, but they can also be repeatedly spending too much money.  With the emergence of wholesale cabinetry e-commerce sites, that is a thing of the past.

Websites selling discount kitchen and bathroom cabinets will always come in cheaper than your local show room and home centers.  Like we have mentioned many times before, with the lack of the sky high rents and over head costs, the savings are passed down to each and every customer.  But there is even more of a discount in store for repeat customers.  Like any business, internet distributors love building long lasting relationships with consistent customers, so they are willing to extend something extra in efforts to build this.

Many websites have special Contractor’s Programs or Commercial Buyer’s Programs, and they are extremely easy to register for.  You will most likely need to enter your personal information such as name, number etc.  Then they will ask for the business name, contact information, and tax identification number.  They will then put you into their system, and the discount can be applied to all future orders.

Discounts for contractors can range from site to site.  Some websites may discount based on the size of each order or volume of orders; while other sites may simply apply the same discount across the board.  The  best thing for contractors to do is to apply to a few internet programs, and determine which site works best with you.  Do not simply base your decision on who is offering the lowest price, research each company thoroughly.  Look into quality, customer service, construction, and lead time.

Once you begin working with online kitchen and bathroom cabinet distributors, it would be pointless to go back to the traditional method.  You can save yourself time and tons of money, making the entire process easier on yourself, and your clients.

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