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The History of Kitchen Design [Infographic]


Today the kitchen is the epicenter of home life; however, it was not always as such. For years, up until the 20th century, the kitchen simply served as a place to store and prep food. The kitchens of yesteryears did not have the functionality, efficiency, and brilliant designs most are accustomed to.

The kitchen had a pivotal moment when gas, water, and electricity became more readily available. The industrial era produced productivity studies led by Philadelphia’s Frederick Taylor. He believed that there was a formula of efficiency that corresponded with movement and space. Kitchen design needed to account for the process of preparing food, and the idea of the stove, refrigerator, and sink being the key items in the kitchen quickly evolved into the kitchen triangle used in most designs.

The 1950’s put a spotlight on the kitchen as household work became the epitome of the “perfect” family. Every aspect of the kitchen was advancing. Technology, lighting, flooring, and even the location of the kitchen were changing. Before this period, kitchens were typically located in the back of the home, but they were now being placed in the center.

The kitchen is the heart of the home. It is where you spend time with your children solving Math problems, where you call your college room mate, and most importantly where you gather with friends and family. Today, the kitchen is the center of home life, and it deserves to be beautiful, functional, and comfortable.

Tell Us: What do you think kitchen design is going to look like in the future?
History of Kitchen Design [INFOGRAPHIC]

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Very interesting article and graphics. I live in a 1930s built house and am redesigning the kitchen. A challenge integrating modern standards in old footprint and not be claustrophobic!

Kathi Fleck
Kathi Fleck

This is a great piece. I especially enjoyed the visual components associated with the trends of each decade. Homeowner’s often fall in love with a homes charm, but are left to remodel certain rooms that have become outdated since it’s construction.


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