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How Hi-Tech Could Your Bathroom Be?


How many hours do you spend in the bathroom per day? The average American is said to spend an hour per day in the bathroom, which equals 365 hours a year, or more than two weeks a year! For some of us, like one of my girlfriends who spends an hour and a half just applying makeup and doing her hair before work, we invest even more time in the bathroom.

It makes perfect sense that our bathroom experiences should therefore be modern and efficient. But, compared with kitchens and living room technology, bathroom tech has been slower to develop. To combat that, we’ve rounded up the hottest new hi-tech items on the market now.

Just like any new technology, these gadgets won’t come cheap. Nothing is standard at the moment and we probably won’t see these cutting-edge inventions on the mainstream market for a couple years. Still, if you’ve ever wondered when those Jetsons-style automatic showers are arriving at your local Target store, here’s a peek for what’s to come!

ioDIGITAL Vertical Spa by Moen (price ranges by job)

ioDIGITAL Vertical Spa by Moen
This beautiful and spa-like shower surrounds you from every angle and is customizable to your preferences. The best part is that you can use a remote to program it!

Robern’s M Series with TVid Medicine Cabinet ($2,079)

Robern's M Series with TVid Medicine Cabinet
For my friend who spends her entire morning doing her hair and makeup, I think she’d appreciate some entertainment during her tedious process. The 8-inch screen connects directly to whatever channels you have and you can also play music through the cabinet. Party in the bathroom!

Rain Brain ($4750)

Hansgrohe Rain Brain
Want a breezy spray or a strong cascade? 99 degree water or 85? This clever device can be programmed for four users and a warm up function allows your water to get hot instantly. Sounds heavenly to us.

Ametis Faucet ($3,528)

Ametis Faucet
This gorgeously designed faucet features a LED ring that is red or blue depending on water temperature. Water pressure is actually easily adjustable by hand. Available in several stylish finishes to match your decor.

Dacor Warming Drawer (price ranges by job)

Dacor Warming Drawer
Originally intended for the kitchen, some genius thought it would be perfect to keep towels warm in the bathroom. Imagine stepping out of your shower and being enveloped in a fluffy heated towel! Bonus: the drawer can be incorporated into and customized with your existing or new Kitchen Cabinet Kings cabinets!

Which one of these bathroom innovations would you love for your home?

(Photos via HGTV, HGTV, House Beautiful, House Beautiful, Huffington Post)

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