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How Long Will Your Kitchen Be YOUR Kitchen


Home for SaleRedesigning your kitchen can be one of the most exciting processes we experience as home owners; you are finally able to tear down a wall, move the dishwasher, and splurge on those dark cherry kitchen cabinets you have always dreamed of. However, how long you plan on living in your current home truly determines how much of yourself you should incorporate into your new kitchen.

If you are planning on making your house a home and living there for more than five years, then go all out and put your personal touch anywhere you can get your hands. After about ten years, many home owners plan to remodel the kitchen, so you are safe to create a layout that works for you and your family. Infuse your style with current trends in kitchen design and create the heart of your home.

However, if you are only going to be living in your house for less than five years, you should try to reign in some of the more personalized items. When you are looking to sell your home, the kitchen will be the biggest selling point. Home buyers need to be able to envision themselves in the kitchen, and many do not want to buy a house and have to redo the kitchen cabinets because this can cost a pretty penny. You can still have what you want and avoid this problem down the road. Simply stay away from outlandish design schemes; try to stick with choices that can appeal to different people. Or opt for finishes that can be altered without a complete renovation.

Creating a timeline for your kitchen will greatly benefit planning, budget, and style choices. If your house is going to your residence for years to come, then your opinion is the only one that matters. But if you are looking to invest money into remodel in hopes someone else will reinvest in your home in a few years, keep their opinion in the back of your head when you may be reaching for the blue cabinet sample!

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