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4 Ways to Decorate Your Kitchen


4 Ways to Decorate Your KitchenPartaking in minor changes can impact your kitchen in a huge way; below are 4 easy and inexpensive ways to recreate your space without wasting time or money.

Tip #1: Change with the seasons

The four seasons evoke different emotions; reflect those sensations by rearranging your kitchen furniture. To welcome the summer’s easy breezy feel, remove some of the accessories and/or furniture to create an airy, open room.

Tip #2: Slipcover your chairs

Slipcovers are a cheap and easy way to add an extra flair to your kitchen. Pair your wooden table with white canvas covered chairs in the spring and summer months. During the holidays you can opt for deep, dark colors or patterned covers to really ring in the season!

Tip #3: Show off your collection

Most of us have accumulated enough cook books to create a library, so why not show them off! Display your cook books in different arrangements in your kitchen. Place some of the books standing up in descending size order, and lay the rest of them down ranging from smallest to largest. This will make it more convenient for you to get ideas for your next family get together as well as give your guests something to browse through.

Tip #4: Don’t be afraid to hang

Move your backyard into your kitchen by purchasing plants. You can either place small floral arrangements on the counter top, either in the corner of the room or on the island, or you can hang leafy, green plants from the ceiling or under your wall cabinets. This will create a laid back, welcoming environment.

With these 4 easy tips you can have your kitchen looking brand new in no time, at basically no cost. Try incorporating one, or all, of these methods into your room and see how different you truly feel.

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