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How to Incorporate Technology into your Bathroom


Most people today rely heavily on technology to make their lives easier. They may think nothing of using their cell phones to program their home DVRs or using their tablet computers to video chat with someone miles away from them. Along with common gadgets like cell phones and computers, however, technology is now making its way into bathroom remodeling. You can make your own bathroom more functional and convenient by incorporating these technological inventions into your remodeling projects.

Digital Shower

Digital Showers

You may dread having to start your shower in the morning. You have to wait for the water to heat up and the stall to become warm enough to get into, which can take several minutes out of your business morning. However, when you install a digital shower, you can set the water temperature and speed and even turn on your shower with the touch of a button on a wall pad or remote control. Your shower can be ready for you to get into without being shocked by water that is too cold or too hot.

Flat Screen TVs that Double as Mirrors or Medicine Cabinets

Dual functioning flat screen TVs designed for the bathroom are becoming more popular. You can get ready for work or take a leisurely bath while still catching the morning news or watching your favorite program. However, these specially designed TVs also can function as medicine cabinets or mirrors. They can open like a medicine cabinet door or show a mirror reflection when you turn off the TV function.

Chromotherapy Bathtubs

If you are a fan of natural healing, you may install a chromotherapy bathtub. This tub lights up with colored light bulbs, which are supposed to help heal aches, pains, stress, and anxiety better and faster than traditional medicines. For example, if the color blue makes you feel calm and peaceful, you could install blue light bulbs in the tub’s walls. The bulbs can then tint the water as you take your bath. You can use any color of light bulb, in fact, letting you match your tub’s lighting to your specific mood or physical needs.

Touchless Plumbing

Touchless plumbing fixtures are already popular in retail stores and restaurants. However, you can now incorporate that technology into your home’s bathroom as well. Many home improvement and hardware stores now sell touchless faucets that operate with sensory devices and turn on when you place your hands under them. Touchless technology can also be found with self-flushing toilets.

Along with self-flushing, you can also upgrade your bathroom by installing a toilet that heats up the seat before you use it and likewise opens and closes the lid before and after each use. When you opt for this upgrade, you no longer have to worry about sitting on cold seats or worrying about whether or not you put the lid down.

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