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6 Space Saving Tips For Your Kitchen


Moving into a home or apartment that has a small kitchen may at first seem like a challenge. However, you can actually free up space in your kitchen and make it one of the most usable rooms in your home without knocking down walls, tearing out cabinets, or taking on extensive and time-consuming remodeling projects. Instead, you can create plenty of storage and living space in your kitchen by using some common sense approaches that are affordable and fast. These six space saving tips can help transform your crowded kitchen into a room that will be comfortable and enjoyable.

Kitchen Space Saving Tips

Use the Insides of Doors

Your cabinets are not the only place where you can store your kitchen items. You can add more space to this room by making use of the insides of your cabinet and pantry doors. Hanging a few hooks on the insides of the doors will give you places to hang utensils, sponges, pots, pans, and other necessities.

Use Peg Board

Peg board is another cheap and readily accessible resource you can use in your kitchen. Placing a few sections of peg board on the walls will give you space where you can hang your car keys, spatulas, pots, lids, and other bulky items. You can even hang caddies or ready-to-assemble shelves from peg boards to add more room.

Use Rolling Shelves

Even if you do not have the deepest of cabinets or pantries, you can create more places to store cans of food, spices, and other necessities by adding rolling shelves inside these areas. You can layer the shelves on top of each other, letting you pull out each shelf as it is needed. Even more, you maximize the storage area inside your cabinets and pantry.

Think Up, Not Out

If your kitchen does not have a lot of floor space in which to add bulky shelves, you can maximize your storage potential by using tall sets of shelving. Using the available room, even up to the ceiling, in one corner of the kitchen by setting up shelves there will give you places where you can place cookbooks, plants, jars, and even knick knacks for decoration.

Hang Items from the Ceiling

Some of the fanciest kitchens in the world feature hanging pots and pans from the ceiling. You can install a ceiling rack from which to hang your own cookware and free up space in your cabinets and on your counters by hanging kitchen items from your ceiling.

Use Foldable Furniture

With a small kitchen, it would not be unthinkable to use foldable tables and chairs. In fact, it would make sense when you want to free up space in which to walk, cook, do dishes, and carry out other normal kitchen activities without bumping into the table or stubbing your foot on a chair. Once your meals are done, you can fold up your furniture and store it away in the pantry or elsewhere.

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Great read, I enjoy hearing how make more space for the things they need in their kitchen without adding cabinets!


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