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Kitchen Color Ideas for 2012


From fashion to home remodeling, there are always chart toppers in the color department.  Some shades take the back seat while other flush hit the forefront.  From aquamarine to bronze, you will find a complete list and application of all kitchen color trends for 2012.


Whether you use warm or cool based neutrals; neutral shades are no stranger to the color trend list.  Incorporating a multicolored, neutral, back splash tile with metallic accents is the perfect way to add a splash of this trend into your kitchen.  To apply this trend on a larger scale try painting the walls charcoal, or you can purchase a pewter floor tile.  Neutrals are back in a big way.

Bursting Blues

This cool color refreshes the kitchen; creating a serene atmosphere.  True blue works wonders against traditionally plain palettes.  A cobalt blue appliance, table, or light fixture will grab your guests’ attention.  Pairing a more subdued turquoise or aqua with metallic finishes is an impeccable way to bring this color into your home.

Very Berry

Mixing last years hit, hot pink, with this years burnt reds births brilliant berries.  This warm, deep shade is perfect as an accent color or the main event.  If you are apprehensive to splattering this color all over your kitchen, an amazing alternative is to paint your crown molding.  Traditionally, crown moldings are white while the rest of the wall is a different color, but a nice twist on the transmitted is to reverse the two.  Infuse this fresh color at the borders of your room, and you will be trend setting.

These colors may be on the top charts for this year, but they will amp up the style in your kitchen for years to come.

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