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3 Reasons Your Next Kitchen Should Have an Island


Everyone loves being on an island!  Whenever we think of that dream kitchen it almost always contains an island of some sort.  Not every kitchen needs an island and not every kitchen has enough space for an island but if you do have the space an island could be exactly what you need.


An island gives you that must have extra cabinet space.  Aren’t you always trying to figure out what to do with your garbage/recycling cans?  Underneath the island is a perfect place, it’s clean and out of the way.

Extra Seating

Having more places to seat people is invaluable.  When the holidays come around you can have all the kids sit at the island and it makes them feel as if they have their very own table.


Some islands are mobile giving you a nice addition if you want and if not you can just wheel it out of the way.

Whatever your reason an island is a wonderful addition to any new kitchen.  A nice island will make your kitchen cabinets look even nicer when done properly.  It’s one of the most useful additions, you will not regret it.

Kitchen Island Idea Photo 1

Kitchen Island Idea Photo 2

Kitchen Island Idea Photo 3

Kitchen Island Idea Photo 4

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