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Looking Ahead To Your Springtime Kitchen Remodeling


Once the holidays are over, the rest of winter may pass you by in a flash. Before you know it, you will be faced with getting your home ready for spring and the bright, sunny weather that this season brings. Even if the weather outside right now is cold and snowy, it is not too early for you to start thinking about what improvements and changes you want to make to your kitchen. When you want to make your kitchen ready for the upcoming springtime season, you can get a head start by taking some of these suggestions into mind.

Bright Spring Kitchen

Think About Colors for Spring

After a winter mired down in dark and heavy colors, you may be ready for the bright and airy colors of spring. When you prepare to remodel your kitchen for this season, you might think about what colors are best associated with this time of the year and how you want to use these colors in your kitchen. For example, if you want to brighten your cabinets, you might consider painting them a bright yellow or baby blue color. If you want to add a hint of spring in your kitchen in other ways, you may hang curtains that have cheerful flower prints or embroidered butterflies on them. Adding springtime colors to your kitchen can transform this room from a wintertime cave into a spring-like haven.

Let the Sunshine In

You might have your kitchen windows layered in plastic and heavy drapes to keep out the cold of winter. However, with the approach of spring, you might be ready to take down some of these heavy coverings and make your windows more accessible to the sunlight and fresh air. If you like your windows to remain somewhat covered, yet still open to the outside light, you may consider investing in a pleated or cellular shade. These shades can give you the privacy you need while also letting in plenty of light and, when the window is open, plenty of fresh air. These shades can also be custom ordered in any hue you prefer. Hanging a pink or bright white pleated or cellular shade in your kitchen can add to your springtime remodeling efforts.

Strip Away Heavy Flooring

During the wintertime, carpeted floors can help heat your house and keep your feet warm against the drafts that may creep under your doors. With the onset of spring, however, the carpet may become a burdensome inconvenience that holds in humidity and odors. When you want a bright and fresh kitchen, you can strip away the carpeting and lay down cool and clean linoleum, tile, or hardwood flooring instead. Your bright flooring will reflect the sunshine from the windows and door and make your entire kitchen seem airy and cool.

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