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The Secrets to Creating a Romantic Master Bathroom


After a long day at work or a busy day spent taking care of your family, you may eagerly await the refuge and comfort that can be found in your master bathroom. Indeed, your master bathroom can be a place of sanctuary, warmth, peace, and even romance that cannot be matched in any other room of the house. If your current bathroom is anything but a sanctuary, now would be a great time to transforming this room into the haven or romance and relaxation that you desire it to be. Taking these simple ideas into mind as you approach your remodeling project can help you create the romantic master bathroom of your dreams.

Romantic Candlelit Bathtub

Experiment with Different Shapes

Most bathrooms come equipped with standard tubs, sinks, toilets, and other fixtures that adhere to a uniform shape. In fact, most of these fixtures are either square or rectangular in shape. However, when you add different shapes to your bathroom, you may infuse romance and comfort into this room of the house. For example, a round or oval garden bathtub invites you to soak and relax in a hot bubble bath after a long day. Even more, a garden tub in either of these shapes is perfect for couples who like to bathe together. Rather than install fixtures that come in typical shapes and designs, you can create a romantic master bathroom by experimenting with and investing fixtures that come in different shapes and sizes.

Eliminate the Harsh Lighting

Bright lights are generally not conducive to romantic moods. If your master bathroom has a lot of bright and harsh overhead lighting, you may be unable to create the mood you want until you remove these lighting fixtures. Instead of relying on bright overhead lights, you can create a romantic bathroom by using recessed lighting that can be adjusted with a dimmer switch. Likewise, you may use candles in your bathroom for evenings when you really want the romantic glow of candlelight instead of bright, shining ceiling lights. In fact, candles can be placed strategically throughout your bathroom, including on the side or back of the garden tub, inside chandeliers that hang from the ceiling, and in the corners of counters or behind the sink.

Use Warm Colors in Your Decorating

Light and airy colors like yellow, green, and blue may have no place in your master bathroom’s decoration scheme. Instead of using bright and airy colors, you may instead use darker and warmer colors that create an atmosphere of romance and comfort. Colors like red, dark pink, brown, black, and purple are all great to include in your flooring, shower curtain, window coverings, and tank covers for your romantic master bathroom. They can lend a romantic feel that helps you relax and slip into a more romantic mood after a busy day.

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