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The Modern Mother’s Day Gift Guide


Modern Mother's Day Gift Guide
If I look at another Mother’s Day gift guide with a candle or an apron on it, I think I’ll cry. As if we didn’t think all of those ideas already. The reason why there are millions of Google searches in the weeks leading up to Mother’s Day for gift ideas is because we tend to get stuck in the stereotypical gift giving box. Yes, your favorite memories of your mom might include food, so let’s help her cook (i.e. work) even more with a new apron? Or gosh, Mom works so darn hard that what will really help her relax is…surprise! A scented candle. Mind-blowing.

Don’t get me wrong, a cute apron and fragrant candle are all nice things to have. But when I think of my mom today, I know she’s an iPhone carrying, modern woman who is focused on enjoying life with both kids out of the house and on their own.

Thus, I bring you the pared-down, Modern Mother’s Day Gift Guide with presents that will go beautifully in your mom’s home kitchen or bath.

1. STACT Modular Wine Unit: This elegant and functional way to store and display wine can be easily mounted on any wall. The selection of woods and finishes are gorgeous to mix and match, and easily add on as your collection grows. Minimalist and chic, and a great way for you and your mom to bond over trying a new bottle of Malbec!

2. Germanmade iPhone 5 Dock: Available in white or black, this is the perfect home for your clutter-free loving Mom’s iPhone to charge. So much better than those messy wires all over the counter.

3. A vintage-inspired mother quote print: An elegantly printed quote on a poster would look beautiful hanging in her bathroom, no? Find a great frame to match, wrap up the whole thing in butcher paper and colored twine, and watch her eyes well up as she opens it.

4. Awesome multi-purpose picnic basket and tray: In her middle age, all my mom wants to do now is ride bikes and have picnics – things that she never had time to relax and do when we were kids. This sleekly designed picnic basket includes two airtight containers with bamboo lids, which also double as plates once you’ve spread out your blanket. At home, the handle rotates to the side, so the basket can hold anything as just a pretty tray on your kitchen counter or table. We love it!

What do you have in store for your mom this Mother’s Day?

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