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Five Reasons To Use Integrated Kitchen Appliances


Integrated Kitchen AppliancesI have a theory. You can tell who your best friends are not by how many secrets they’ve kept, how often they’ve come through for you in a pinch, not even by the number of gifts they’ve bought you. No, all these factors are inconsequential compared to the greatest indicator of all: how well you know your way around their kitchen.

How many times have you gone over to a new friend’s home and had to ask where the trash can was? Since trash cans are simultaneously aesthetically challenged and absolutely necessary, many have been relegated to clever pull-out drawers that blend in with the surrounding kitchen cabinetry.

The trend doesn’t end here. I’ve never been a fan of gleaming robotic appliances as a focal point of a kitchen. (They’re akin to someone with too many diamond rings.) Now, it’s possible to add cabinet panels to your Sub-zero refrigerator, or install your microwave somewhere more subtle with the vast array of integrated appliances on the market today.

After all, kitchens aren’t just for cooking and eating- they’re safe havens for doing homework, diving into arts and crafts projects, and sharing a glass of Malbec with a dear friend.

Turn your kitchen into a multitasking- no, multi-living space by choosing integrated appliances that seamlessly create a cohesive atmosphere. Here are five reasons to consider integrated appliances for your kitchen:

1. A tidy look: Hide knick knacks in cabinets to minimize appearance of clutter.
2. Easy to clean: Integrated appliances allow for no space between objects and cabinets, thus decreasing surface area for dust to settle. There are less tiny spaces that are difficult to clean.
3. Space-friendly: If you’re space-limited, even more reason to adopt fully integrated kitchen appliance solutions. Since everything is measured to fit your kitchen perfectly, no inch is wasted!
4. Personalize to your needs: If you need a refrigerated drawer under your counter to access produce easily, you can add a cabinet panel that matches the rest of your kitchen cabinetry.
5. Not just for minimalists: Traditional kitchens can have integrated kitchen appliances too. Many appliances can be refaced and it actually make the kitchen more decorative.

The main downside of integrated kitchen appliances is the cost. Cabinets panels must be custom measured and appliances precisely fitted. Trim pieces can be used to fill in empty areas, too. Will you consider fully integrated kitchen appliances for your kitchen?

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